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The MRI-eFW03/1/R PCI Express IEEE1394b (FireWire 800) provides a reliable solution for PC connect to both 1394b and 1394a peripherals.

The MRI-eFW03/1/R improves throughput and increased bandwidth make it ideal for today high-end PCs and open door for the development of S800 RAID- and SAN- based peripherals. Its provides better support DV and MPEG data Stream, supports up to 63 IEEE1394b FireWire800 devices, including digital video camcorders and hogh resolution printers with it complete hardware and OS support, is a true high performance I/O solution for professional user and devices.

Key Features:
- Full x 1 PCI Express Throughput, 250Mbytes/sec
- Fully compliant with PCI Express specifications Revision 1.1
- Fully support Provisions Of IEEE1394b- 2000
- Texas Instruments 1394b OHCI PCIe Chip
- 2 Bilingual 9-pin + 1 legacy 6 pin External Connectors and 1 internal 9 pin and 1 10-pin connectors
- Supplies power to IEEE1394 bus and support hot swapping and plug-and-play
- Compatible with 1394a and 1394b devices
- Optional DV software Kit bundled. Support PC and Apple Power MAC systems

Technical Specifications:
- System: x1 PCI Express Bus
- Fully interoperable with FireWire implementation of IEEE1394a, 1394b
- Fully supports provisions of IEEE P1394b-2002
- Fully compliant with provisions of IEEE 1394-1995 for a high performance Serial Bus and IEEE std 1394a-2000
- Fully compliant with 1394 Open Host controller Specification Rev 1.1 and 1.2 draft
- Supplies 18 watts power over FireWire bus
- Supports both 9-pin and 6-pin cable. Support Hot swapping to connect/disconnect
- Up to 2.5Gb/s PCI Express bus rate and 800Mbps IEEE1394b transfer rate

Supports Windows 98SE, Me, 2000,XP, 2003, Vista and MAC OS
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