About Us

MRI started in May 1993 in Silicon Valley, California as a design and manufacturing company. As a former senior director of one of the foremost companies in the PC market I decided to join MRI as one of the founding members. Subsequently MRI UK evolved and is now an independent company with design and manufacturing in the Far East.

The quality of our products secured our place in this very competitive industry and we continue to strive to meet the needs of the consumer.

Since then we have manufactured communication and connectivity products and for the last 21 years have continued to supply different industries such as North Sea oil industry, medical industry, sound control systems in national radio, photo booths, supermarket Epos systems, automotive industry and production automation systems.

MRI has maintained its place in the ever changing communications industry. Remaining competitive in its pricing and on point with its customer service

MRi will always endeavour to meet the needs of the customer exactly with cutting edge technologies from chipset to PC board level. Our sales and marketing, as well as technical teams, are committed to delivering top quality before & after sales service. Our product defective rate is less than 0.5%, and our technical team are still servicing items up to 8 years later!

We strictly adhere to, and often far exceed the requirements of all the regulatory bodies we are subscribed to. This can clearly be seen on all of MRI’s products by the FCC, CE and RoHS logos, as well as internally abiding by WEEE directives.

It is this commitment that led us to provide the best quality modems in the past and the best quality serial adapters today.

All in all, MRi is dedicated to promoting excellence.